Becoming A Clinical Psychologist Part Essay

1370 Words May 22nd, 2016 null Page
Becoming a Clinical Psychologist Part A Becoming a clinical psychologist is one of the common goals that I have with my classmates at Fielding Graduate University. It takes determination, lots effort and motivation to become a licensed clinical psychologist. Before embarking on the journey its important that each person knows each steps that they have to accomplish to achieve that goal. It isn’t as simple as taking an eight-week course to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. There is over a decade of school involved in the process. The requirement to become a clinical psychologist varies by states. For example, some states require the student to attend an APA accredited school, and some don’t. That’s why it’s important to understand the specific requirements that each student must meet for the state that they wish to practice in. I want to be licensed in the state of Texas. One of the advantages of that is that a Texas license shares reciprocity with Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, Manitoba and Ontario. This is an advantage because if I have to move for any reason, I know that at least my licensed will carry over to some states. In Texas there are several steps that each person must complete in order to become a clinical psychologist. The first step is graduating from an APA accredited PhD or Psy.D program, if the student is fortunate enough to be accepted in to a program. It will take them about five to eight years to complete the program depending on the…

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