Essay on Beauty Has Been Forgotten By The General Public

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For many years women have dedicated their time and energy trying to change their body and make it “right” so that they become beautiful, but what is beautiful? Some women relate beauty with impeccable skin, colored eyes, slim waist, smooth legs, and even shinny hair. The perception of beauty that society has today is associated with specific physical traits promoted by all kinds of advertising. The true concept of beauty has been forgotten by the general public and it should be brought back. By promoting the real beauty’s definition, many women would be more acceptable, confident and happy with themselves.
The denotation of beauty has been influenced and manipulated by history, cultural norms, and universal standards. Beauty is defined in dictionaries as “a thing or person that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind”; however, this description has been ignored and focused in the explicit traits of a person’s outward appearance. Since the 14th century ladies have tried painfully ways to change their bodies in order to be beautiful; from plucking their hairlines to make their forehead seem bigger, to sitting for hours in the sun in an attempt to turn their hair blond. The trends transformed as the centuries progresses on. In the 1940´s Hollywood stars influenced the standards of beauty and women´s hair suffered great abuse; it was teased, sculpted and sprayed for perfectly curls, waves and bouffants. Men were also pressured by society to look a certain way;…

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