Battle Of The Dueling Nobys Analysis

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Battle of the Dueling Nobys
The episode of "Battle of the dueling Nobys" started at school.
Saying "Hi" happily to his friends, Noby came to school earilier than usual.
Everyone was quite surprise.
And more surprisingly, Noby actually did all his home work.
The whole class heard it, and nobodies believed that.
Mr S walked into the class, Noby felt happy and weird about getting his homework done for the first time.
However, he couldn't find his home work from his school bag.
At home, Doraemon notised that Noby's homework was on his desk.
He told out his gadget: Instant delivery machine.
He saw Noby was crying from the gadget's screen.
Mr.S was asking as
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Then he thought of using the time machine to go back and change the past.
Doraemon was warning Noby why he shouldm't change the past.
Noby said his past won't chnage the world.
Therefore they both went back to one hour ago.
Back to one hour ago, the present Noby and Doraemon found the Noby one hour ago.
The present Nody convinced the Noby one hour ago to buy the modol robot kit successfully.
Back to the present, they were hoping they could see the noodles turned into robot.
Nothing changed, it made Noby wondered what happened to the Noby one hour
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Big G and Sneech saw the present Noby, and they were shocked because they had just seen the other two Nobys.
After the present Noby heard that, he quickly ran to that supermarket.
Two Nobys had just bought the noodles at the supermarket, the present Noby ran in.
There was another Noby who was run one hour later.
He bought the Noby and he couldn't figure out how to build the robot.
Present Noby was having a big argument with the Noby from one hour later.
All three of them went to the park, and two Nobys were fighting.
The one hour ago Noby got irritated, so he joined the fight as well.
After a while, 3 more Nobys came out, and they looked so beat up.
They were there to ask those 3 stop fighting, otherwise they will turn out to be exactly like them.
6 Nobys went back home, and asked Doraemon to send them back to their own timelines.
Rolling the reset roller, Doraemon rolled 1 and therefore Nobys were back to 1.
He was happy not only because he was back to normal, but also because he found that he got what he wanted at the end.
It was a box of modol kit; however, it was not robot, instead it was a cup noodle model kit.
Guess it was not too complicated for Noby to build at the

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