Basketball : Past And Present Essay

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Basketball: Past to Present
Brian Burnett
Jacksonville University

Kinesiology 257

This paper focuses on the history and establishment of basketball. This paper explores the inception of basic concepts and the fundamentals of basketball. There were different reasons for starting the sport called basketball and this paper will briefly discuss those points. The objectives and rules originally established for basketball and the construction of the equipment will also be addressed. This paper examines how basketball expands and develops into what we know as basketball in our current society.

Basketball: Past to Present
The game known as basketball today was invented in 1891 by Doctor James Naismith. Doctor James Naismith came up with the concept of basketball based on a game he played as a child called “duck-on-a-rock” (Laughead, 2014). The game of basketball was originally created to have a sport that didn’t cause many injuries and kept young men and athletes in good condition during the cold season. In Springfield, Massachusetts during the cold months it was a challenge to find a sport that could be played inside. During Dr. Naismith’s tenure at a Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) Training School he stepped up to this challenge. His intent was to ensure that the sport was not only physically rewarding but also skill based. As stated in the George Laughead article (2014), “Naismith wanted to create a…

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