Basketball Essay

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Register to read the introduction… Basketball has developed drastically since it was invented over a century ago by a middle-school physical education teacher, (Safra 941). This sport originated in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1891 by a PE teacher named James Naismith, (Safra 941). The goal was simple; outscore your opponent by making more shots than them, while at the same time, preventing the other team from scoring, (Safra 942). However, modern basketball consists mainly of enormous athletes performing flashy dunks, tough play in the post, and down-town shots for three points. Professional basketball consists of 4 twelve-minute quarters, whereas college consists of 2 twenty-minute halves. There are five people from each team on the court at once, therefore there are five positions. One of these five positions is called the, “Small Forward.” The Small Forward is responsible for scoring points by cutting to the basket and using dribble penetration, and on defense seeks rebounds and steals. There are few Small Forwards that preform at a high level of intensity every night; LeBron James is one of these elite …show more content…
Vincent- St. Mary high school in Akron, Ohio, (“LeBron James: American Basketball player.” Newsmakers 1). Even Keith Dambrot put Coach Dru on the staff because of what he did with the, “Fab Four,” on the Shooting Stars, (Bissinger 72). LeBron made an instant impact as a high school player. “As a freshman, he led the St. Vincent- St. Mary Fighting Irish to a 27-0 record and the Ohio state basketball championship,” (“LeBron James: American Basketball player.” Newsmakers 1). Not only did he become the school’s star basketball player but he also played football for three years and maintained solid grades,” (“LeBron James: American 2). As a sophomore in football, he caught 42 passes for 840 yards and 11 touchdowns (Freedman 15). Such statistics ignite interest in college recruiters. In basketball, he was a team player, meaning, he spent as much time passing the ball to set someone else’s shot up as he did setting up his own shot. LeBron James was by far the best player on the team; he knew it, and so did his team. “They understood I was the best player on the team if we needed to get a point, but I still needed them to get the ball to me. They were adamant that this was a team, ‘You can’t do this without us, and we can’t do this without you.’” (Bissinger 206). By his junior year, James had caught the attention of basketball fans across the country, (“LeBron James: American” 2). “In 2001, during the summer

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