Baseball Is The Perfect Sport Essay

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Baseball is the prefect sport for all season long. Getting dirty in the sand, making awesome plays, hitting home runs, and making your own team, that is cool. It does not matter where you are, as long you have a baseball bat, a glove, ball, time, effort, and leadership, and sport man ship. Does not matter if you are in the street, backyard, garage, or a football field. It also shows you a valuable lesson, even for me sharing. Yep that is it sharing, you take turns to bat, get the ball, and play in positions. It is a very good sport for your heart, your soul, your brain, and your health. Plus that is not the fun part, when you get into a tournament or World Series, that’s when hitting a ball, making good plays, and playing very good defense matters. But the most important part is to be a team not a solo a team or teammate. If you can’t get into a tournament or World Series and your team tried to get into a tournament, hey, at least you tried as a team. So get out there and play some …show more content…
Every morning a player has to train. At a beginning of a game they train for 1 hour. Before the game they train. According to Jon Dreeswho is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist says “there are two very important reasons for baseball players to include back training in their strength and conditioning programs injury prevention and improved performance.By strengthening the muscles on the backside of their shoulders, baseball players are able to better decelerate their arm when throwing, reducing the stress placed on the shoulder. The back also plays a large role in generating power in both batting and throwing.With the help of a well-designed training program that incorporates a healthy amount of back training, a baseball player can expect to hit the ball farther, throw the ball harder, and stay healthier in the process.” So now the sport of baseball is fun but need a lot of work to

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