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Barbra Joan Streisand is an accomplished singer, talented actress, and a generous philanthropist. She came into the world we live in on April 24, 1942, in beautiful Brooklyn, New York. She was born to her lovely parents, Diana and Emanuel Streisand. Originally, her name was spelt “Barbara,” but she hated it. She changed it by dropping the extra “a.” Barbra has two siblings, Roslyn and Sheldon.

Streisand is the only artist/actress to receive a Tony, an Emmy, multiple Grammys including the Grammy LifeTime Achievement award, the Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance, the Grammy Hall of Fame award, and the Grammy Legend Award. Barbra has also won multiple Oscars, a Director’s Guild of America award, Peabody awards, an Academy Award for Best Actress, Kennedy Center Honors, an AFL lifetime achievement award, a People’s Choice Award,a Brit Award for Best Selling Album, the American Society of Cinematographers Board of the Governors Award, a Golden Globe, and many more awards and honorable mentions.
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She has her own charitable organization called “The Streisand Foundation,” that contributes to many important causes, such as Planned Parenthood, the Brennan Center for Justice, IAVA, and many others. The Streisand Foundation has channeled over $20 million dollars throughout the organization. She is an outspoken and committed spokesperson for the issues she holds closest to her heart.

Though Barbra Streisand has a hard childhood, (her father died when she was just 15 months old, her stepfather was abusive and she was often heavily bullied for her prominent and interesting nose) however, she still rose above to become the person we know and love her as today. She has made a difference in many people's lives by empowering them. Streisand is an inspiring woman. She is a talent, an idol, and a generous person. I am very lucky to be alive at the same time as Barbra

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