Selena Quintanilla

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Some people say that the good die young, and this was sadly the case with Selena Quintanilla. On April 16, 1971, Selena Quintanilla was born into a Mexican-American family in Texas. No one knew that on that day an icon was born. Selena would later grow into a strong, beautiful singer, songwriter, and business woman. She became the “Queen of Tejano Music”, set new standards in the music industry, and broke language and cultural barriers all before the age of 23. Crossing over from the Spanish market into the American market as a young woman was basically unheard of at the time and this added to everything that made her into a legend. She had a bright, successful future ahead of her until she was killed on March 31, 1995 by her estranged business …show more content…
She was a strong woman and growing up with the movie based on her life being my favorite film, it showed me at a young age that you can still be a good person even under the pressure of being incredibly successful. Selena was not one to let fame influence who she was as a person. No matter how many albums she sold or how many awards she was nominated for, she continued to give back to those around her and stay humble. If more people stayed grounded when fame came upon them and chose to still give positive contributions like Selena did, there could be large impacts made all over the world. With fame comes money and if more people chose to really try to support a good cause, there are so many people in need that could benefit from it. Selena’s legacy has been carried on with the foundation, and her genuine spirit still lives to support the things she felt strongly about. Tragically, Selena was taken at a young age, but just think about how much of an even larger difference she could have made if she was still alive today. Many celebrities die and that is where their careers and legacies end, but in the case of the Selena Quintanilla her support of education and her drive to give back goes on even 21 years after her death and that is why she is a role model to me and should be to

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