Barbara Firth 's An Active 83 Year Old Woman Who Lives Alone Essay

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Barbara Firth is an active 83 year old woman who lives alone and has a history of good health. She has never had any serious medical conditions, and visits a primary care provider for mild hypertension and frequent urinary tract infections for which she receives urinalysis and blood pressure monitoring. One day while working in the garden, Mrs. Firth fell and sustained a fractured right neck of femur. She is now awaiting surgery in the operating theatre where she will undergo a reduction and internal fixation with a Tompson Prothesis. Since arriving at the hospital she has recurrently declined pain medication, and is in too much pain to change positions in bed. Despite the nurse’s efforts and advice, Mrs. Firth refuses to take any pain medications for fear of addiction. If Mrs. Firth’s pain cannot be lessened, she may suffer medical complications due to her inability to sit up in bed. Pain is often defined as an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage, or it can be described in terms of the harm done, but it should always be recorded as whatever the patient describes it as (IASP, 1992).
Mrs. Firth appears to be in a lot of pain and is unable to change position in bed. When asked why she has declined medication patient states she “doesn’t want to get addicted to medication”. Blood Pressure was elevated at 150/95, Respirations were 20 per minute and shallow, and Heart Rate was 120 beats per minute…

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