Essay about Barack Obama And Donald Trump

1578 Words Nov 14th, 2016 7 Pages
In the impending weeks the citizens of America will have to vote for a new president. This president will have to be chosen out from two candidates, they will determine our country’s future for the next four to eight years. The two candidates that are running for president are known as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. These two candidates have different perspectives on how our country should be guided. It is up to the people to select which direction they want to take. Undeniably, Trump is a knowledgeable candidate, but Hillary is the right candidate for the position. Hillary undeniably knows how the government works and has an understanding of legislation. Without hesitation the American people should vote for the person who has the resume for the job. Furthermore, these two candidates have to both solve issues that are affecting America. Some issues that are important are their ideas on, Healthcare, Education and their liabilities to the people. Healthcare plays a big part in every Americans life. Every American has to worry about themselves or family members. If one of them were to get injured they would have to figure out how to pay for their expensive recovery process. The majority of Americans rely on their insurance; they expect that they will cover any unexpected misfortune. Another issue, is the candidates view on the education of the future. The majority of adult Americans have to trust the schools are preparing their kids for success. They are also expecting…

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