The First Argumentative Speech: Donald Trump

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Jaden Reid,10120 10/22/16 Free write #3
So, I did not write the first argumentative paper, and since I did not I will choose a topic and then write the opposite of what I agree on, since that is what we are supposed to do. I have struggled to find a topic to write about. That would be why I did not write the first paper, but I need to buckle down and work harder. I have noticed I have not been doing so well in this class… But I got my motivation back. Now my subject will be Donald Trump, and how he should become president. Well that’s what the first paper would have been, now I have to write about how he should not become the president of the united states. Which will probably one of the hardest things to write
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So what made me finally decide on what to write is that the election is coming up soon and we got stuck with two not so great people. But there is one that I trust way more than the other. Trump is truthful, yeah sometimes he is a little too blunt for people but, at least he states the truth. Hillary is yeah a definite no. There are so many things wrong with her. And if she becomes the president we are all screwed. I am all for a female president but, one that we can rely on would be great. But, since I did not write the first paper I will say what makes me think that Donald Trump would be a good president. Well for one he is more trustworthy then Hillary. He is blunt, and says what is on his mind. While Hillary hides things…. Like emails. Also I am all for the wall. No not every Mexican should be kicked out of this country, just the ones that are here illegally. There are some people here that need the jobs that the illegals are taking, whether or not the Americans like those jobs or not, we still need jobs. With the wall maybe the homeless rates will drop, and more people with have more money to have a place to sleep, and the money to eat daily. Trump …show more content…
He could be the one that will get us out of our debt. He is a very rich man. He has priorities, and making America great again is one of them. And we really need someone that has their priorities straight and someone who can help our country. In all honesty if Hillary becomes president we are screwed…. Very screwed. She is one of the most untrustworthy people in this world to become president. I have no idea how she is not even in jail at the moment. Why would anybody want her to become President? I mean her husband was impeached, for perjury and obstruction of justice. Why would we trust her when her husband wasn’t even trustworthy and he was president? Anyway, Trump will keep our nuclear weapons out of the wrong hands. Which is a great thing. But I guess I should talk about what I plan to do this paper. I plan to research what the Hillary supporters say about why Donald is so bad. And then try to make that into a paper that goes against Donald becoming the president of the united states. I know people are coming up with these stories that Trump groped them. In fact, there were two women that said this about him. One story was in what the 1980’s? if this did happen she would have said

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