The Pros And Cons Of Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump

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Currently there is a strong debate over who will be the next president of the united states, the final two candidates are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Both would make terrible presidents in their own way in my opinion. But the question is who would make the better president if it came down to it. Some would argue that Hillary would be the better choice, However Trump would make a better president simply because he’s a businessman, He wants to change things, and last but not least trump can’t be bought

Trump is a businessman so he can help lower America 's debt and increase job growth. There are many things that I don’t agree with him about, but out of the two candidates he would be the better choice simply because he knows what would
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There are many things right now aren’t running very well like our health care system, this is one of many big issues that isn 't acknowledged but needs to be. Moreover, many times that the media manipulates certain events and people and I won’t say that Trump is innocent in some of the things he does, but that doesn’t mean there are times when he may run his mouth without thinking or without clarifying more that they take advantage of. For example, the immigration policy he wants to make Trump never said that he doesn’t want people coming here he only implied that the, u.s has a dysfunctional immigration system and they need to come here legally. Also, while people might say that Hillary wants to make the united states into a stronger country she wasn’t shown in the past that she would do something that wouldn’t benefit her. For example, in the past speaking events that she has been in she has charged money even if it 's something that would be for a charity. Furthermore, this country needs someone who is interested in changing things instead of leaving many things how they are right now even if it would result in something bad because some change is better than

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