People Who Make An Effective President

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November 8th, 2016, a new president is being elected by the people of America. At this time many people question, “Which candidate will make a more effective president?” Every four years a new president is elected. We have had up to 44 people serve as the POTUS. Many of the presidents range from different beliefs, race, and party. Our first president was George Washington and our current is Barack Obama. A president is someone who is at least 35 years old, a natural-born citizen, and lived in the US for at least 14 years. They serve a term of four years. As a president, their job is to reside over the executive branch and the armed forces. A good president is one that truly cares about the people and making society a better place. They are driven, smart, reliable and have excellent communication skills. Franklin Roosevelt is known to be one of the best presidents due to his ability to possess these traits. …show more content…
He is known to be a successful businessman. Trump is chairman and president of The Trump Organization and has many towers, hotels and golf courses named after him. Although he is a successful businessman, he is not the best candidate for our next president simply because he is only good for business and favors white supremacists. “I like him because he 's an outsider. I like the idea that he’s an entrepreneur. He’s done very well in business. He 's made some mistakes, but anybody in business makes mistakes,” states George Johnson, a Trump supporter, according to USA Today. Most supporters like the fact that he is an “outsider” and a businessman but cannot give real reasons why he is the best qualifier for president. Furthermore, Donald Trump should not be president of the United States because he wants to demolish immigration laws, disrespects women, and racial tensions will

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