Summary Of Lewis L. Roosevelt Made To Become A Modern American President

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Lewis L. Gould analyzes the requirements of an Modern American President. Gould showed as that anyone can be president from former governors actors, attorney, and senators. To be a Modern American President is not just what you do while you 're campaigning it 's what you do while in office. As president you have to deal with a wide range of issues such as terrorism, domestic problems, foreign relations, economic policy, and even issues with un-loyal staff in the White House. You also have to know how to be legislate savvy because many presidents lacked this skill but made up for it with their own personal abilities as I will later talk about into further detail.
Gould touches upon many ideas but this most recurring idea throughout the book was to become a Modern American President required a balance of everything. The 1st President that Gould presented to us was William McKinley. He states that McKinley set the foundation for modern presidency but was not an example. A person that really aided McKinley and help set the foundation for presidency was George B. Cortelyou, McKinley 's
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Roosevelt created the Modern Presidency itself. He established many things in office that many others presidents weren’t able to accomplish. He had to deal with the American Economy during the lowest of lows which was after and during the Great Depression. I personally loved the way Gould presented Roosevelt to us in the book. Gould said, “ Roosevelt prepared to take the reins of power.” (Gould, 79). Roosevelt literally held those reins with full force as he introduced the New Deal. Roosevelt was an effective leader and he made sure people knew that with his most memorable remark “ The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” (Gould, 85). Roosevelt became the master of the radio with his fireside chats that spoke to every American 's heart. Roosevelt literally turned the White House right side up as well as establishing policies and reaching the American

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