Bans On Texting And Driving Essay

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Over the past decade or so there has been a spike in car accidents on American roads. The reason for this is the emergence of the cell phone. Today roughly eighty percent of Americans have cell phones. Having a cell phone in the car creates tempts the driver to see if they have any messages, change the music, make phone calls, and even send messages. All of these take the driver 's eyes off of the road and place them on the phone screen. A driver whose eyes are not on the road for even a few seconds can cause an accident. The United states has noticed that this is a problem and has taken steps to correct it through bans on texting and driving. Unfortunately these bans have proven to be unsuccessful; if the United States wants to see real drops in auto accidents due to cell phones more serious measures need to be taken. The United States congress needs to pass laws that will not make it illegal to text and drive, but will make it impossible for the driver to have a phone in their hand at all.

There are many reasons why texting and driving is so prevalent in the United States. First off, it is tempting. When anyone sees their phone light up with a text or a phone call they want to know what 's going on. If that phone is in the cup holder right next to the steering wheel, it is tempting for the driver just to take a quick look at what the message said, or even just who sent it. Also a good majority of the time people who are using the phone and driving aren 't even texting.…

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