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Let's raise kids to be entrepreneurs

We are missing the opportunity to find kids who show traits of entrepreneurship and Groom / show them that being an entrepreneur is a cool thing.

Kids have dream and passions and visions, they are crushed.

Told they should study harder, be more focused, or get a tutor. Instead of furthering what they are good at, they get them a tutor in what they suck at.

School system is Kids to be a lawyer or doctor instead of looking for and grooming traits that would make them an excellent entrepreneur.

Have ideas and passion or see needs in the world, they stand up and do it and they put everything on the line to see these things happen.

Getting kids to embrace being an entrepreneur at a
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Recurring Revenue: selling to one customer easier than getting more people to buy product.
Supply and Demand: audience to buy into you so they don't go to anyone else

Games that nurture entrepreneurial traits, not waste money

Allowances teach the wrong habits - expecting a regular pay check. Wrong for entrepreneurial mindset. Let kids look for things that need to be done, come back and negotiate how much they would get paid. Teaches them to look for opportunity and negotiation skills.

Piggy banks 50/50 teach savings at a young age, teaching them to save before they feel the pain.

Letting them tell stories to you 3 nights of the week using a couple of random items: teaches them creativity and to think on their feet.

Show them what a grumpy employee or bad customer service look like.

Sell old things online to teach them to set the price, pull up photos, and recognize scammers when they are presented with the situation.

Handling Failure
Boot Strapping
Customer Service

Don't medicate them for AD(H)D or mania, stress, and depression unless unless it is clinically brutal.

skills Classrooms should be teaching:
Problem solving to lead others to want to make money public speaking to ask questions to learn from mistakes how to sell to never give up to be creative how to save money to ask for help to see solutions

Remember when you were a

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