Bam: A Short Story

Bam was not the same after that, and how could he be? In the short clip made available of his newest TV venture, he says that he had never considered someone close to him dying, and that the shock of Dunn's passing sent him into a drinking spiral. He says it all wild-eyed, slurring, hand bleeding from punching a car window in. His boyish confidence had been transformed into an anxious confusion. The life of Riley he'd built from slapping his dad while asleep and filming it now became broken and unfamiliar, pointless. He began to gain weight, and the sprightly young skater morphed into a bloated, weeping mess.

And now once again he finds himself, along with his, I'm sure, long-suffering mother on reality TV, trying to find help for his addictions,
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His extreme fear of snakes, used by other cast members to elicit terrified reactions, showed vulnerability. Him being trapped in a trailer with a cobra is probably the only time anyone cried on Jackass not as a result of intense vomiting.

It's horrible and heart-rending to see how the death of one young man ruin the life of another. But it goes to show just how destructive it can be. Bam Margera had everything, but without Ryan Dunn, what did it all mean? It must have been compounded by the conviction of his uncle Vincent 'Don Vito' Margera as a sex offender, and his subsequent death from alcoholism in 2015. Bam created a brand around him and his family and friends on reality TV, but when actual reality stepped in an over him, he couldn't cope.

Bam's descent into alcohol-fuelled malaise is terrifying. It shows that the people who are most important to us could leave us in a state of total disrepair if something were to happen to them. How we deal with a cataclysmic tragedy is dependent on the individual. Some of us might fall apart in the futility of life; some may be more resilient. Bam Margera does not appear to possess that resilience. Still, tune into VH1 to see a broken man cry in his mother's

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