Dale Jarnhardt Informative Speech

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Dale Earnhardt

Daytona International Speedway on February 18, 2001, It's the last lap and the lineup for the win is, 1st Michael Waltrip, 2d place Dale Earnhardt jr. and 3d Rusty Wallace. One racer did not cross the finish line of one of the biggest races of the year. It was a dark day on the track of daytona international speedway, Dale Earnhardt was the victim of a tragic car wreck on the track. “Earnhardt's death was officially pronounced at the Halifax Medical Center at 5:16 PM.”(earnhardtinvestigation.com). Earnhardt was said to be one of the greatest racers. He was very competitive on the track but complete opposite off the track and out of the drivers seat. He left behind 3 children, one of whom followed in his footsteps and won second in the race that day, but was reminded of one of his father's harsh sayings, “Second place is just the first place loser.” (earnhardt).
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We've lost Dale Earnhardt," (NASCAR president Mike Helton). Cheri and Shanice both turned to Matt in concern and placed caring hands on his back “are you okay?”. Many said you either love earnhardt or you loathe him and Vaughan was one who loved him. “Yes the news was upsetting, but i wasn't going to cry over it. It was like hearing any famous person had died. Upsetting and shocking”(vaughan). His family was practically raised at the race track, and children grew up in the back seat sitting in car seats upholstered with earnhardt's numbers and race sponsors all over it. Needless to say, he was a big fan. This news impacted all of the NASCAR lovers and fans, “everyone knew his name and if they didn't know his name, they knew his car.”

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