Dreded Effects Of Smoking

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The Dreaded Effects of Smoking About one in five Americans chooses smoking as their habit of lifestyle for various reasons. The start of smoking for some people is to ease the tension going on in their life, for social integration, for experimentation, or as a response to peer pressure. A majority of tobacco commercials portrays the luxury of having the drug in order to convince the audience to take up smoking. In the end, it is the audience 's health that will be negatively affected, leading to a possible early death. Since nicotine is an addictive drug, tobacco companies have an increase in sales to their consumers. Tobacco companies do everything they can to make consumers think they are happy with the product when, in reality, they shouldn’t …show more content…
Because research has shown facts about why people decide to smoke, it’s become a common problem for people to have excuses to try a new lifestyle. While teens smoke because of peer pressure and curiosity, adults usually smoke because of tense times in their life, depression, misinformation, and even media influence. With these problems in a young adult’s life, it is hard not to take up smoking when so many things are happening all at once. Logos is used in this article in a very tricky way: many people around the world take up smoking so new consumers think that it’s a normal thing to do. Consumers feel as if it is so casual to smoke nowadays so they might as well try it. Once they start smoking, they usually stick to it and become unhealthier along the …show more content…
It still causes lung cancer, heart disease, respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, and so many more causes to someone’s health. Nowadays, the only difference is that we know more about smoking today than in the past. In the article, “Noncumbustible Tobacco Product Advertising”, it shows that nearly seventy percent of the average smokers try their first cigarette by the age of eleven and are addicted by the age of fourteen. (Richardson) Overtime, the age has increased for how old one can purchase tobacco products. Research has shown if the government increases the smoking age law to twenty one and above, then there wouldn’t be as many smokers as there is now. As of now, the anti-tobacco companies have been advertising more about the effects of smoking. They have advertised it on tv commercials, billboards, newspapers, etc and it has been more effective now than ever. The anti-tobacco have been very persuasive as shown by the statistics after an advertisement is displayed to the potential

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