Baccalaureate Degree Nurses vs. Associate Degree Nurses Essay

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Baccalaureate Degree Nurses vs. Associate Degree Nurses
Pamela Jones

Grand Canyon University NRS 430V
March 2, 2014
Due March 2, 2014

Since the beginning of the recognized nursing field, education and responsibilities of the nurse have been evolving. Two types of education are the Baccalaureate of Sciences (BSN) and the Associate Degree (AD). Both levels sit for the same NCLEX licensing exam, but many believe the BSN nurse is better prepared to meet the needs of patients. The BSN program is a four-year, knowledge, research and theory based degree. The AD is a shorter program, which focuses on clinical skills but lacks the evidence based practice (EBP) teaching the BSN program offers. Dr. Patricia Benner at the Carnegie
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The study discovered a 4 % decrease in deaths with every 10% increase in BSN prepared nurses (Aiken). Many studies have been done on the mortality rates and BSN level nurses. All have proved rates for deaths decrease as the education level of nurse’s increase. On a daily basis nurses are called upon to use their knowledge to assist with patient outcomes. The BSN prepared nurse can rely on their educational experience to think of treatments and or medications the AD nurse may not think of. An example of this may be the patient with yeast-like growth in the groin. The AD nurse may just wash it with soap and water, while the BSN prepared nurse will look to skin protocol to evaluate if a particular product may be of benefit over another. The BSN prepared nurse will also evaluate if there is excessive moisture in the area. Is the patient on antibiotics? Is the patient diabetic? Are they on any medication that my cause skin irritation? Based on critical thinking skills, the answers have more factual information leading to a solution. A BSN prepared nurse will have the EBP and critical thinking skills to facilitate the care plan more efficiently.
Many hospitals seeking to set themselves apart from other facilities are now seeking Magnet status. There are competitive advantages to becoming a Magnet status facility. Studies have indicated Magnet hospitals have better patient outcomes and a more satisfied staff. One of the major differences in

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