Divorce: A Story That Changed My Life

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Ever since I was a little girl I only remember growing up in two houses. I was one when my parents got a divorce. Since I was so little I didn't think it would have a huge impact on me but I was wrong. I didn't quite understand until I got a little older when I knew my family was in bad shape; especially my dad. My dad would get mad and start yelling at my mother when she dropped me off at his house. Along with his anger issues, I noticed he began drinking a lot more. This caused me to become more afraid of my dad because I felt that his drinking could cause him to act out in a violent manner. I thought I had my sister with me through it all up until one day. On this day I realized I was truly alone. I was taking a nap when I heard screams …show more content…
My babysitter was like a second mother to me and she helped me appreciate myself more. Once I was old enough, we had to let my babysitter go and this brought back the depression I had been dealing with earlier in my life. My parents were still arguing but to make it worse my older sister was now involved as well. This caused her to push me away more, and was again left with no one to talk to. Going into middle school was not an easy transition. This was when I became severely depressed. I didn't have any friends and had no one to talk to during the week. I would sit at home alone on the weekends leaving my mind to wander. I would always think to myself do I really matter to anyone in this world? What's my purpose in the world? I learned how to put a mask on and pretend like everything was okay. This continued through middle school up until my junior year. Although I was feeling trapped, sad, and isolated I began to date a guy at the beginning of junior year. Whenever I would feel sad or lonely I felt as if I could easily talk to him. He made me feel like I had a purpose in this world and he would always help me with my depression. Due to his kindness, I began to forget about my sad place. Then, once we broke up my depression seemed to come

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