Babybjorn Market Segmentation

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Market segmentation
BabyBjorn baby carrier will be focusing on wholesalers and household that either sell or utilize their intended products. BabyBjorn main target market is highly dependent on families with baby around 5 months to 2 years old because they would usually buy it for their child from any shopping mall or retailer which their stock are provided by wholesaler ( one of the main target market ).

Targer Market
The original primary target of BabyBjorn baby carrier product is the mother with first child and the baby around 5 mothns and above . Normally the mother will choose the best of the best baby care for their child in order to provide them a better growth process.

Competitive Advantage
Has its own brand characters
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According to customers due to its special characteristics like quality of the products, features, brand image, material, how to maximize parents confortabel and customer service and location.
Differentiation acquired by BabyBjorn get the lower however the expensive scale procurement. The competitor of BabyBjorn is the local competitor, not worldwide competitors.
New Product Strategies
Super convenience for consumers
As our target market is parents with the babies around 4 months -24 monts or having more than one child.
This baby carrier not only can use for front outward carry it also can carry the baby with different position with one baby carriers such as Front-Outward , Front Inward, back and hip carry positions.
This baby carriers is made with 100% cotton.
This product having a few feature which will very suitable for mother. Example , hood for sleeping or nursing with head supported cover, storage pocket and breastfeeding when carry the baby with baby carriers. For the storage pocket it can let the parents put their baby diaper and some small baby stuff.
Save consumers time for prepared baby stuff when going out to shopping without bring the baby
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As an example: Baby carriers benefits is maxinize the convenience for the parents easy bring their child go out but there may be other benefits that the product bring to the consumer such as BabyBjorn `s baby carriers 4 in 1 which mean this baby carriers not only can carry the baby with one position it can be Front-Outward , Front Inward, back and hip carry positions with one baby carriers. In this level the designer must earlier to designing the product first and list down the strenght of the product need to produce in the market.

Level two : Actual Product
Level two is interpret the core of the product. In baby market there may have many competitor produce the same advantage. So in the level the designer must design a product can win over the consumer to buy BabyBjorn`s baby carriers. For example, the designer can improve the product on the function , quality , branding, materials, packing and characteristic. In additional, the company can get a requirement for retaining an ISO 14001:2004 Factory conforms and ISO 9001:2008 Environmental Management Systems certified factory for the product to prove that the company product are having

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