Baby Boomer Generation Research Paper

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This paper discusses the differences of U.S. baby boomers versus the millennial generation with regards to their purchasing decisions. With the development and advances of technology, baby boomer and millennial generations may approach their purchasing decisions in an entirely different manner. Focusing on similarities and differences of these generations on social media and technology (i.e., internet, mobile services and e-services) with regards to their purchasing decisions, will enable retailers to better understand these generations and how they can earn their dollars. The baby boomer generation are people born from 1946-1964. While baby boomers are aging and working, their way into retirement, the baby boomer generation …show more content…
Also, the millennial generation is more likely than older age groups like the baby boomer generation to prefer social media for interactions with acquaintances, friends and family. Since the millennial generation are early adopters of new technologies, when social media platforms came to be, this technology enabled the millennial generation to build and interact with other users. The millennial generation adapts to technology easier than the baby boomer generation because it is an integral part of their lives and they rely on it. The baby boomer generation is not comfortable with new technology because it is harder for them to understand and keep up with it. Also, according to Bolton, Parasuraman, Hoefnagels, Migchels, Kabadayi,
Gruber, and Loureiro (2013) the millennial generation is more likely to value others’ opinions in social media and to feel important when they provide feedback about the brands or products they use. The millennial generation not only uses social media to stay connected with people, they also like to share on social networks to let others know what matters to them like certain
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So, each group will have different characteristics which the millennial generation has increased use and familiarity with communications, media and digital technologies. According to Bolton, Parasuraman, Hoefnagels, Migchels, Kabadayi,
Gruber, and Loureiro (2013) Gen Y’s use of social media is already changing the marketplace, the workplace and society. Also, Gen Y consumers have benefited from the increased availability of customized products and personalized services from social media use. So, as part of the importance for a business to put together a social media marketing plan to use social media to attract people, they should make it simple and appealing and maybe offer personalized services for the baby boomer generation as a way to get them to adapt more to social media. I think it will be challenging for retailers to target baby boomers to use social media in their buying decisions because the baby boomer generation is reluctant to use social media in connecting with friends and family because of privacy issues so getting them to use social media in buying decisions will be difficult because they do not want other people knowing about

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