Automated Bus Stations, Amtrak 's Quik Track Self Service Ticketing Kiosk

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Daily commuters are always in lookout for faster and better ticketing system. Daily Travelers are usually in hurry when travelling and seeking good experience when it comes to the process of buying a train tickets or making a reservation. To study and observe how people use this ticket system at train stations, Amtrak’s Quik-Track Self-Service Ticketing Kiosk is an ideal choice. The observations took place at 30th Street Station, Philadelphia. One might ask what is this kiosk system for? The kiosk system allows Amtrak customers to pick up and print out their tickets. This is very useful technological system because it avoids passenger to stand in a line just to buy a ticket. Quik-Trak Self-Service Ticketing Kiosk works by prompting users to insert their credit card to activate the system or scanning the barcode on printed page or e-mail. After, the credit card is inserted or the barcode is scanned, it prints out the user’s ticket (Using the quick-trak machine). Amtrak operates every hour to half an hour. Therefore, I decided to get there about hour earlier to observe multiple people and different types of people. The people using the system were youngsters including teenagers, boys and girls, men and women in their early 40s. As people started to come, I observed that majority of them were dressed professionally and seemed in hurry. Teenagers were also using the system while they joked around with their group of friends. Between this observations, one interesting…

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