Autocratic Leadership And Participative Leadership Essay

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Autocratic and Participative Leadership Today’s leaders face many obstacles as they lead their organizations. Leaders are faced with allocating work fairly among staff while accomplishing business goals with fewer resources. Therefore, problem solving and conflict resolution must be addressed. The type of leadership style used to address these issues can either be an autocratic style, where problems are addressed with quick and definitive resolution prohibiting subordinates from providing input. Alternatively, participative leaders approach problem solving by involving the entire team for collaboration (Lindblad, 2015). Both of these leadership styles have an appropriate place within an organization depending on the situation. Therefore, understanding the risks and benefits of each style will enable the organization to achieve success when appropriately applied.
Autocratic Leadership Style Autocratic leadership demands error-free outcomes. This type of leader makes all strategic decisions and runs the operations for the organization without seeking input from others (Lindblad, 2015). They exercise their authority over individuals to achieve goals by driving individuals to perform at their best with little to no mistakes (Gill, 2014). One particular leader that is very successful in her endeavors, and demanding in her management style in Martha Stewart. Martha Stewart is known as one of America’s best businesswomen in history. She is the chairman of Martha…

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