Authentic Leadership Theory Essays

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The construct of Authentic Leadership Theory is relatively new to the research of leadership. It was not until the late 2000s when several contemporary events suchlike the final crisis in 2008 in the United States along with other ethical scandals challenged scholars to research further from the conventional leadership theories that have left unanswered gaps on the study of leadership.

Definition of Authentic Leadership
Shapira-Lishchinsky & Levy-Gazenfrantz (2015) define Authentic Leadership as the genuine kind of leadership with a visionary and creative response to social circumstances. This genuine approach to leadership is composed by a combination of self-awareness, sympathy for the needs of followers, ingenuity, honesty and transparency in the relationship with the self and others.
Walumbwa et al. (2008) refers to authentic leaders as the type of leaders that lead others remaining true to their own thoughts, beliefs and experiences with self-awareness, balanced processing of information, relational transparency with followers, and an internalized moral perspective.

Background and Framework of the Theory
Even though Authentic Leadership gained more attention on the leadership field on the late 2000s, early conceptions of Authentic Leadership were established before during the previous decade. Most of the earlier conceptions on Authentic Leadership were mainly linked to the movement of Positive Psychology (Seligman and Csikszentmihalyi, 2000) that promotes…

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