Authentic Leadership And The Psychodynamic Approach Essay examples

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In an article written by Boekhorst, she quoted Schneider by stating, “leaders are instrumental in shaping shared climate perceptions because followers tend to rely on their daily interactions with their leaders to understand the behavioral expectations in the workplace” (Boekhorst, 2015, p. 242). My leadership self-assessment paper will be the discussion of Authentic Leadership and the Psychodynamic Approach. In evaluating my own nursing practice, I chose authentic leadership because I feel a genuine desire to be transparent when leading and informing a team and was interested in discovering how true to this trait I am. The Psychodynamic approach to leadership was my second choice because understanding human nature and behavior is essential to understanding the people one works with and how to best maneuver through personalities.
Authentic Leadership
“Authentic leaders are particularly important in institutionalizing workplace inclusion because their inherent ethical nature drives their decision-making processes and behaviors” (Boekhorst, 2015, p. 248). Considered a newly formed theory, authentic leadership is based on the leader being genuine, open, and real. There are four characteristics of authentic leadership. The first is self-awareness which is the leaders understanding of his strengths and weaknesses and its impact on the decision-making process. Next, relational transparency “refers to being open and honest in presenting one’s true self to others” (Northouse,…

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