Audit Of Beliefs, Philosophy, And Mission Statement Essay

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Audit of Beliefs, Philosophy, and Mission Statement
Because I was homeschooled, inclusion is not something that I grew up with. Since I did not attend a school district, I’ve chosen to do my audit of beliefs using the Indian River School District, where I hope to eventually work. “The mission of the Indian River School District Department of Special Services is to utilize a team approach with students, families, staff, administrators, the Board of Education and the community to develop and deliver comprehensive and individualized special education and related services that allow students identified with disabilities to become emotionally, socially, and academically successful learners ready to fulfill their lifelong goals(Retrieved from an interview with the District Recruiter) This is the Special Education mission statement. I interviewed several different teachers within Georgetown Middle School about their district’s beliefs and philosophies and some of the information I received is as follows: Every student has dignity and worth, every student has the capacity to learn and be supported academically, and every student has the right to an education. The Special ED Department motto is “Individual Needs Based”. The goal is for the district to “specialize in the individual”. The Indian River School District has programs in place to meet the needs of diverse learners. Their programs include preschool screening, occupational therapy, physical therapy, psychologists,…

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