Auburn Essay

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1. Compare and contrast the Auburn System and Eastern State Penitentiary systems. Define and describe each including the structure, history, and inherent problems?

The Auburn System and the Eastern State Penitentiary systems were put together to teach the inmates lessons and orders and discipline. They wanted theses systems to change a criminal into a law-abiding citizen. Teach the inmate a trade; rehabilitate the offender so he can become an asset in industrial growth. Both prison systems plans wanted obedience, order, a regular routine of labor and both systems wanted the prisoners to be isolated in some kind of way.
The Eastern State penitentiary system structure had a tower in the middle similar to an octagon and all the
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These penitentiary systems would help the inmate find himself because the effects were the community had failed, and led the prisoner to a life of crime.
These two systems were in competition to stand alone. These systems wanted to be the one that made a difference set the curve of to rehabilitate the offender and make them ready to return to society. The wrong system would fail to rehabilitate the offender and they would not be an able functioning citizen. Instead of these two systems working together to find the flaws of both and come to together as one, they decided to tear each other down.
The debate over both of the systems continued as more prisons were built many adapted to both systems because they favored the silence and the rules but wanted to continue to institute labor. They were convinced that through labor and harsh discipline would teach inmates habits of diligence. The state would also get a return in their labor to balance the cost of the inmates. The ideas of labor, discipline and silence in the prisoner’s routine made them adapt to military models. The military models adapted more by the bells ringing for meals and how they moved about throughout the facility. Under this same direction they adapted inmates to wear uniforms that stood out from society because humbled them and if they were to escape it would be easier to recapture. The guards wore

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