Essay about Attitude Changes Everything : My Experience

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Attitude changes Everything
Simply take a moment to think about how your skills were when you first started reading. You probably weren’t the best at reading, but you had to learn to become better because you need reading in your everyday life. Do you remember learning how to pronounce a new word, and to read a complete sentence? Or the first time the teacher picked you to read out loud for the class? I know I was terrified of reading out loud and when all the students had to try. I would be sacred to mispronounce a word, and look foolish in front of my friends if I did. I would get so nervous; I would start to sweat. It wasn’t a good look for a cool kid in kinder. However, mispronouncing words were the least of my problem. Let’s just say in elementary my reading experience were rubbish. My experience wasn’t the best with reading, until I got to high school. I was a student who hated reading due to the fact that I always received low grades. As a matter of fact, I encountered some amazing teachers when I began high school, and I started practicing more on my reading skills which changed my way of viewing things in a better light.
Growing up in my house, there weren’t a lot of books, and my parents didn 't really encourage reading. My favorite book when I was a young would be The Little Mermaid; I loved how magical that story was. As a child, books weren’t my things unless they had a magical world and a lot of pictures. I would not read if the books did not have those two…

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