Attending Sunset Elementary School For The Afterschool Program

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Over the semester, I had to attend Sunset Elementary School to be apart of and volunteer for the afterschool program called the “Academic Avengers”. This program is with the Washington Elementary School District. When I first started the program I was nervous, yet excited! After attending an orientation, I felt prepared and confident to start the program! Instructions were given to the students who were helping in the program. The program consists of several different classrooms, each with about 3 field experience workers, 25 students first and second grade students, and a mentor teacher. There are about 8 ELL students who are at about level 3 on the proficiency. The students understand English and can speak it as well. They have the ability to understand simple written English and to use general vocabulary, which is important for this particular program. There are two subjects that are being taught to the students. These subjects are math or reading. I was confident with tutoring either subject, but got picked to help with reading! After being in this program I realized that it does help the children improve in their studies and they feel more confident in reading and writing! Each student who is volunteering in the program has about 6-8 children in their groups ranging from ages 5-7 that they will focus on. This helps each tutor build relationships with the students and are able to help each child individually. Prior to starting any lessons, the mentor teacher, Mrs.…

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