Attending College For The First Time Essay

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Attending college for the first time is an important, rewarding decision I made for a good reason. I learned a lot about myself that will help me in my future. Setting goals, having expectations, and reflecting why I am in college makes me proud to share.

I am attending Wilmington University because I want to make my future brighter. Sometimes I hear people grumble about not enjoying their jobs, but they don’t do anything to make their lives better. Attending college and earning a degree in communication-media will help me obtain an exciting journalism career. Last year was an emotionally tough year for my family. Sadly, my pap passed away last year. I wanted to show my pap what I am going to do with my future, but I never got the chance to show him. Last year I told myself that I would attend college and make my future brighter in 2015.

I have two goals for my first year of college. My first goal is I want to enroll in at about three to four classes every semester. I am in four classes this semester. I do not want to be in college for over five years. My second goal is I want my grade point average to be at least a little over 3.0. My first week of college has been difficult, so it would be an accomplishment if I earn a 3.0 or higher in my first year of college. Taking about three to four classes every sememste and trying to keep my grade point average to at least 3.0 or high is two important goals that I am passionate about achieving this year.

My expectations are…

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