Essay on Attending College : An Obstacle When Acquiring An Education

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Attending college can be an obstacle when acquiring an education
“Challenges are a part of life. Overcoming them makes you a stronger person.” Lailah Gifly Akita, Pearls of Wisdom; Great Mind Many students who are attending college have various obligations and duties outside of classes. The obstacles I faced, was adjusting to class schedule, peer pressure at home and making a career change. For some people it was easy but I found it difficult adjusting to class because, I was not accustomed to the different changes of class life like larger classrooms and little time. I could not figure out a major or a minor that really interested me, but I knew I wanted to help people or save people’s lives. My learning style was unknown I didn’t know whether I was one of the three learning styles are audio, listener, and kinetics learner. I was disappointed because I had to take a prerequisite I wanted to just jump into my classes not knowing it would not be the main core class. I may not have been prepared for the college life and the different surrounding of what college has to offer verses being stable in a home to school atmosphere but I was ready to take on the adventure. Secondly, attending college became more of a peer pressure due to my home life, because my family and husband who I normally depends on for support from a homeward bound standard, could not adapted. Also I was not able to connect to the fact that my love ones, where at home in another city while I became the…

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