Athletics In MacGregor's Sporting Landscape Essay

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* 1.0 Introduction * * 2.0 Figueroa’s Framework > 2.1 Individual Level - 3.0 Action Plan

* 4.1 Justification of Action plan > 4.2 Links to Survey Results > 4.3 Links to Research including individual level

- 5.0 Conclusion

- 6.0 Reference List

- 7.0 Appendices

Executive Summary
As Macgregor’s athletics carnival lacks in the participation sector, with the research of Figueroa’s Framework mainly concentrating on the individual level has found that, with survey results shows that students feel that athletics is
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The team that scores the highest points will be rewarded with a prize, such as vouchers, etc.
4.2 Links to survey results
The action plan created was based on a census of the whole school to observe whether they would participate in athletics and their reasons to not. To justify the particular choices created in the action plan by showing the statistics which have guided the development as the spikes in the statistics assist in improving the participation by surveying the trend. The reason a record chart was implemented as it adds a competitive flair and students receive social rewards within the athletics carnival as 19% of students feel that there is no reward for students if they win the events, this will help students strive for the record instead of just trying to win.
A massive 27% of students feel that they are not good enough for the athletics carnival and believe there is no point to participate and simply just socialize with their peers, with the appearance of a famous athlete; students would be motivated to part take in the events as the special guest can provide moral support and advice to improve their technique, etc. during the carnival as they can join in with the students.
By creating team based events the 80% of students that prefer team sports are able to participate and at the same time fill the social void according to the 25%

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