Essay on Athletes : Role Models Or Monsters?

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Athletes: Role Models or Monsters?
As Americans become farther fixated over professional sports, the debate about whether or not athletes are appropriate role models for children proceeds to develop. Athletes continue to become more famous everyday and are admired not only for their ability to play sports, but also for their presentation of character while playing them. However, there are a number of professional athletes who have destroyed their careers, their relationships, their reputations. Various athletes allow the fame to get to their heads. The athletes who have become infected with trouble overpower those who have shown a positive mentality. A role model is a tremendous responsibility, a responsibility that creates too much pressure if stuck on the shoulder of a professional athlete. Although most athletes demonstrate admirable characteristics for youths, some are not acceptable role models once their actions are taken into account outside of the playing fields.
Despite the teaching of perseverance in professional sports, athletes attitudes off the playing field is what matters the most. When you root for a sports team or an individual athlete (say in golf or tennis), does it matter what kind of person they are when they are not playing a sport? Do you care how they treat their opponents? Does their attitude - win or lose - make a difference in your level of support? An athlete can emerge as a legend on the field, and an athlete can appear as a monster off the…

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