At What Cause Will Athlete Stop Using Performance Enhancer Essay

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Running Header: At What Cause Will Athlete Stop Using Performance Enhancer

At What Cause Will Athlete Stop Using Performance Enhancer
Kha’Lashia Ketchum
Axia College of University of Phoenix
Sandy Lacer

Performance-Enhancing Drugs in Sports A performance-enhancing drug in sports is a big thing these days. Athletes are using them to increase their ability to win. Ethically speaking at what cost do we say enough. Think about their lives, by continuing to take these form of enhancement what effect will they have in the long run. Maybe if we understand the types of drugs, the side effects, health risk, and consequence of taking drugs. Athletes would stop using these forms of
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They also used them to increase there ability to urinated in volumes and the dilution make it hard to detect a small quantities of banned substances more difficult. Most time athletes really do not care about the risk as long as they win. Now what are the possible effects of these types of drugs?
Side Effect of Performance-Enhancing Drugs Athletes today use many different performance-enhancing drugs to increase their ability, not knowing what the side effect. Some of the effects of the type drugs are harmful in men and woman in many of the same ways. Different in many ways, in some cases it even ends in the death of the athlete. “Performance-enhancing substances are used widely by athletes despite the potential for serious adverse effects. Since the deaths of a Danish cyclist at the 1960 Olympics and of a UK cyclist at the 1967 Tour de France,” (Dhar, 2005). Then other case the side effects are different for man and woman, in man it result in the change of the bodies in ways that you could never imagine. As stated by Selig (1999) men suffer from enlargement of their prostate gland as of a result of this they have difficulty urinating and they even have obstruction of their urethra,” This is some of the problem that the man have after all of this you think they would quit. No, they just continue to use them until they have enlargement of breast tissue and a decline in their sperm production. This decline of sperm leaves them sterilized and enhances the of man

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