Essay on Aston-Blair Inc. Case Study

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1) Starting up the task force i) Inadequate Team Structure – Wrong Selection Procedure Both Trott and Casey had concluded that the major area for task force to study should be the Marketing Division. In that case at least one of the market managers should have been in the team. Only product managers were included in the task force which was not a good decision on Trott, Casey, and Bacon’s part.

As head of the task force, Bacon remained ineffective regarding brainstorming to understand what should be the required resources and operating guidelines.

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In fact Bacon didn’t get the members to introduce themselves thereby letting others know about one’s relevant skill and experience.

ii) Consensus was reached too early – Premature Consensus in the first meeting itself. Working procedures were not defined effectively, Bacon agreed to Holt’s suggestion without brainstorming whether in the first meeting itself team should be divided into sub-groups. Bacon didn’t formulate working procedures, set up norms, or ways to monitor group’s progress, even how many times the team should meet that was also not discussed.

3) Running the task force i) Inadequate Collaborating – Team Interests were not given adequate importance, ineffective attention to process, handling of relationships.

Bacon didn’t manage his conflict with Meir effectively. Based on his previous “less than satisfying” work experience with Meir he kept his exchanges with Meir brief and infrequent and occasionally strained, not a good leadership criteria on Bacon’s part. Also, Bacon lacked transparency in his leadership. He didn’t ask Bodin to share his data with Meir which would have facilitated the latter’s task.

ii) Inability to manage up – couldn’t play the influence card

While running the task force Bacon didn’t keep

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