Discussion 7: Why Should We Hire You?

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Discussion 7
Why should we hire you? I believe that you should hire me, due to the fact that I am responsible, punctual, reliable, dependable, and can be counted upon finish any assignment that I start. Moreover, I truly enjoy knowing that, I have done my duties effectively and on time. For example, at my present position, my supervisor assigns different chores for the day and It is my responsibility to finish them. MY job is to make sure that each task meets the quality standards of the company. I also have to complete everything, within a specific due date. In addition, my present administrator is happy with my performance, because I am able to learn quickly and carry out my job’s duties efficiently. Therefore, I feel I can use the same
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However, I went back to college to update my computer skills. At the moment, I feel confident. Moreover, the way I overcome my lack of computer literacy, is the way I utilize to approach any challenge in life. In addition, going back to college gave me the opportunity of meeting other professional and we exchange our experiences. The whole process was an exciting learning experience.
Have you ever worked for a bad manager? What was it like? I worked for a very traditional manager. He was not a bad manager, but a person who did not believe in delegation of functions. The time I worked for this company was an open mind experience. However, I enjoyed every minute, because the productivity was optimal. Good workers should know how to adapt to any kind of management, because enterprise owners and managers have the right to manage their business in their own way.
What does customer service mean to you? Customer service is the process of taking care of the customers’ wants and needs by providing a professional, friendly and high quality service. It is also remembering that the customer is always right, and that providers have to walk the extra mile to serve his clients efficiently. Moreover, is the act of ensuring customer satisfaction by providing an excellent service or

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