Essay about Assignment : My Managerial Internship

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Midterm paper My managerial internship with W.S. Badcock corporation this summer so far has been an essential learning experience in the working world. Overall my time this summer has been enjoyable, albeit tedious and repetitive. My co-workers and supervisors are all pleasant and reasonable, and I feel well respected throughout the company; however, my status of intern is made evident on a regular basis. My jobs revolve entirely around preparing, shipping, and installing components for a major credit card machine (CCM) rollout. Badcock, like all companies, is required to update their CCM system in order to meet Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards by 2017 to avoid major fines. Not only am I organizing, installing, and sending supplies out, I’m also leading a team of three high school interns to assist in completing the project. This leadership position grants managerial seniority over interns Ainsley, William, and Jake. I’m assigned overarching tasks to complete in order to finish the rollout in time, and I’m trusted to delegate and instruct my team to reach these set goals. Occasionally my superiors will guide me on adjustments that I can make in order to be more affective, but generally speaking I have free range of daily tasks and what needs to be prioritized. Additionally, the three interns I foster vary in favorable work environments and personality, and planning to work to each of their strengths is an ongoing learning experience.…

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