Assessment Interviewing With Client 's Real Presenting Problem

1207 Words Dec 17th, 2016 5 Pages
Assessment interviewing with client’s real presenting problem was definitely a great experience. Dealing with client’s real personal case was not only a creative method to enhance initial assessment skills but also an effective practice to reconsider about individual’s performance. Unlike SWRK 325, where ethical dilemma case situations were given and directed to record the interview, this class’s interview approach contained more authenticity of a social worker. Students who were social workers expressed more empathy and respect to the clients’ real resented concerns. On the other hand, from my experience, as a client role sharing real life case problem actually reduced my overwhelmed stress level. Overall, this exercise was the opportunity to learn applicable assessment tools for variety presenting issues.
The client’s presenting problem was anxiety due to her deceased friend. Since the beginning of this semester, the client was going through difficult times to process this issue. Although the client is now feeling better and only going through a minor emotional stage, she tends to panic and feel more anxiety when she is packing up her friend’s shop. The client had known the friend since 14 and considered him as a father figure. Her issue has worsened after when she experienced another loss of her friend. However, due to her great compartmentalized mechanism, her anxiety problem has not affected school work nor lifestyle. After having the initial session and exploring the…

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