The Importance Of Cognitive Theory In Social Work

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understand the reasoning behind a certain behavior or action my clients would have. Cognitive theory can be used in almost any setting if the person is willing to try it. The only time I could see how cognitive theory might not be the most effective approach would be if a person has a strong belief or value that prevents them from acknowledging their cognition as the cause of their actions.
Additionally, cognitive theory can be used in the general population because it can be applied to all individuals in every socioeconomic status. The theory itself focuses on the individual and their thoughts, with the ability to problem solve by finding solutions to distorted thoughts (Walsh, 2006, p.192). Cognitive theory applies to all people who have
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It is the social worker’s responsibility to be aware of their own biases when assessing and problem solving with clients. The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Code of Ethics (1996) advises that social workers must be mindful of cultural and ethnic differences when working with their clients. The less the social worker understands about the client’s background in respect to their culture and environment, the more challenging it will be to understand and assess the client’s rationality. In addition, NASW (1996) suggests that valuing the importance of human relationships compels social worker to engage with their clients. For instance, if a social worker and a client have a positive relationship, they will be able to work together and have effective …show more content…
According to Gonzalez-Prendes (2012) “it is the client’s right to self-determination and his or her ability to make choices relative to the treatment process”(pg.23). If clients are given the power to decide and become active in their own change process, it will strengthen their abilities to problem-solve independently. Since this perspective focuses on micro practice, social workers are required to provide individuals with all the resources and information they need in order to help their state. Furthermore, social workers will also have the opportunity to talk about oppressions, power, privilege, and the social construct of reality in the micro

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