Essay on Assessment based Instruction

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Assessment-based Instruction
Aliya T. Diaab
May 23, 2013
Dr. Sara Barry

Assessment-based Instruction
The intent of this paper is to discuss assessment based instruction, how it has changed over the last 20 years, how it has improved instruction, and what may be the anticipated challenges using this type of instruction in future goals. In order to be able to analyze this type of instruction there is a need to define it first. The best way to define this type of instruction is to break it down so there is a clear understanding. Assessment refers to different strategies or tests that consider whether a student is learning and achieved the goals set out by the curriculum (Assessment of Learning, N.D.).
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This new form of instruction was said to be better than rote memorization. This has been found to be true because instruction has been more effective and assessments have improved since its implementation. How it betters the instruction is as stated before; it ensures that students are learning the materiel instead of just memorizing. It tests students all throughout the course to show they truly understand the lessons being taught and shows the teachers exactly what they need to teach. The benefit of this is for both the instructor and the student. It will help students because they can get the necessary help that may have been lacking in any other class. More attention can be paid to particular subjects that a teacher may feel the whole class can benefit from. According to the Huffington Post (March, 2011), rote memorization was doing nothing for learner other than turning them into automatons. They were not retaining the information and the information that they did retain was just memorized words, phrases, numbers, etc. This did not get anywhere and was not seen to be preparing the children and young adults for life in the “real world”. This is where the assessment based instruction had to come in to play.
We have discussed what assessments can be used in

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