Essay about Assessment : An Essential Part Of Teaching And Learning

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Assessment is an essential part of teaching and learning. Assessment informs me how I teach, and how I should design or change the curriculum to meet with the students’ needs to support their learning. Assessment is also useful for me to provide the students meaningful feedbacks on their learning progress so that they know where they are and what they should do to develop their learning. Assessment can be formative and summative (Griffin, 2014). In my previous placement, I had the opportunities to practice both formative and summative assessments where I assessed the students and monitored their learning progress to reflect my teaching as well as to improve the students learning. For example, I asked the students to complete the quizzes prior to the new lessons or the “exit tickets” at the end of the lessons to know how much they understand the lessons (see the appendix). Besides, I used to check the students’ homework to know their learning performance outside the classroom (see the appendix). Additionally, I organized the classroom activities such as group discussion, team relay games, and team or individual problem solving tasks where I listened, observed and noted what the students thought, said, and performed. Additionally, I assisted my mentor teacher to mark the students’ tests. These assessments let me know that whether my teaching strategies were suitable for enhancing the students learning, and what I needed to do next to support the improvement of students…

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