Essay on Artificial Intelligence And Human Intelligence

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There is a new term around to mean the same thing artificial intelligence (AI) originally used to mean. It is artificial general intelligence (AGI). The term AI has been used and abused so much without fulfilling much of its original promise of implementing human-level computational intelligence. Hence, some thought a new term is needed to renew our interest. But it is not meant simply to break away from the lethargy due to the failure associated with the original term. It also suggests that new insights have been gained. The additional word---general---suggests what has been missing in the current endeavors in artificial intelligence. As if currently the AI world is too busy focusing on specific intelligence, whereas the original goal requires attention to its general aspects.

If this additional word is a hint to what is missing in the current endeavors, then what does it point to? What are the general aspects of intelligence? The simplistic definition of intelligence---the ability to achieve a complex long-term goal---seems good enough as it is not committed to any specific ability. And in that sense, the definition of intelligence works perfectly well to mean what AGI is supposed to mean. However, if we insist on committing some general aspects of intelligence, then I would focus on two forms of generality:

1) Generality of the underlying mechanism
2) Generality of the capacity or the skill set

These are two forms of generality, not typically encompassed when we define…

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