Essay about Article Analysis : Critical Thinking

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The title of the article is Critical Thinking in Recovery. Belongs to an organization called the DARA Thailand organization located in Asia’s premier and leading international destination for drug rehab and alcohol addiction treatment. The web sites main purpose is to inform you about addictions and also the types of logical fallacies that an individual will use to persuade you to think they 're not addicts. In Many ways they describe how individuals will act or say how drugs or alcohol increase their creativity when in reality it ruins creativity. They also take the time to explain ways certain individuals will use their abilities to persuade you to think they don 't have a problem, the addict has to rely heavily on denial, delusion and you. If they were able to see the reality of their situation they would find it much harder to continue with self-destructive behavior and it also explains how to overcome logical fallacies. A users illogical thinking can keep them trapped in addiction for much longer than they need to be. There are multiple solutions and choices that can be done to help them over come that illogical thinking such as critical thinking its a skill that allows people to approach their own thoughts and ideas. They can sit down with an addiction therapist who can encourage the patient to explain their current beliefs and wind out fallacious thinking to help the patient overcome their addictions and finally start fresh in life.

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