Art 101 Essay

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Santa Ana College
ART 100 ---- Winter Intersession 2016 --- Intersession

Instructor: Michael Fremont Redfield
Office Phone: 714-564-5600
Mobile Phone: 949-293-9737
Office Location: by appointment

ART 100 --- Introduction to Art

An introductory course for both the general interest and art major student: a survey of the nature and role of the visual arts in society. Art theory, art practices and an overview of art history will be required. The Medias of art will also be explored. Field trips are required.

This course will enable the student to understand the historical, social, and psychological factors involved in the creation of works of art through an
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They will also demonstrate their competence by their research paper work, online assignments and class discussions.

2. Thinking and Reasoning: Students will learn to describe the artworks they are viewing and to describe the materials and techniques used. They will compare and contrast opposing works and identify the unique formal and iconographic visual information. They will apply general and specific art terminology during their class discussions and be able to relate artists to individual cultures and eras and understand the universality of visual symbols.

3. Information Management: Students will learn to retrieve research information both from library and internet sources. They will visit online art institutions across the world and use this information as well as their personal museum visits to enhance and define their ability to understand and interpret artistic information and styles.

4. Understanding Cultural Diversity: Students will learn to recognize the cultural universals of human beings that are manifest in the unique, global artistic styles and expressions. Each culture will be examined with respect and their individual styles will be understood according to the traditions and values of each civilization. Students will also identify the common themes of human expression that each culture

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