Argumentative Essay Zoos

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Emily Hegedus

Mrs. Heilman

College Prep. English

26 May 2017

Where the Wild Things Aren’t

Most people view zoos as a fun day to visit animals and they see no harm in it, but they do not understand the negative things happening in a zoo. All zoos have guidelines to follow from the Animal Welfare Act, but some say that many zoos follow a “relaxed version of the rules” (“Animals Kept...”). This “relaxed version” can cause danger in humans and the animals. Also, with this relaxed version, visitors could be deprived of the experience that they paid for. Zoos around the world have been running for a long time, and in fact, were created before the year 2500 BC (Baker). This is an extreme amount of time that animals have been kept away from their natural habitat. Animals have been kept in captivity by Americans for about 150 years (Baker). Public zoos should be eliminated from society because they harm the welfare of animals, put many people in danger, and do not properly educate visitors.
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Usually people go to the zoo for their own amusement and do not see what is going on behind the scenes. Studies show that the animals consistent diet, few hiding spaces, and negative relationships with the caretakers cause them a great deal of stress (Glosser). This stress can make the animals act out of context, which is not fair to the animals. Scientists have determined a disorder in animals from zoos called zoochosis (“Animals Kept…”). This is caused by keeping wild animals in artificial enclosures and by people agitating the animals (“Animals Kept…”). This is extremely bad for the animals because this stress disorder causes depression. Zoochosis is very common in zoo animals and it is noticeable by the way they pace back and forth, injure themselves, or bang their head back and forth (“5 Secrets…”). These actions are not normal for an animal to go

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