Argumentative Essay: Why Steve Irwin Loved Animals

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Stephen “Steve” Irwin loved animal since he was a little boy. He got his first snake on his 6th birthday. He started to handle crocodiles at the age of 9. Steve was born to Lyn and Bob Irwin in Essendon on the 22nd February 1962. He had two sisters called Mandy and Joy. Steve was a conservationist and wanted to get his message across about saving the planet and the animals that live on it.
Steve’s parents started a reptile park in Queensland called the Reptile and Fauna Park. Steve spent all of his time growing up around crocodiles and other animals.
In 1991 Steve took over the running of the park. He renamed it "Australia Zoo".
When Steve was doing a crocodile show at Australia Zoo, he met Terri and was married to her in 1992. Steve and Terri
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He started Wildlife Warriors Worldwide in 2002. He also helped start the International Crocodile Rescue and the Iron Bark Station Wildlife Rehabilitation Facility in 1994. Steve wanted people to think about what they bought and not buy things made from animals that should be left in the wild, like buying turtle shells or fur. Steve said "What makes me tick—my gift to the world—is conservation. I eat, sleep and live for conservation. That's what I am all about, that's what I am up to, and that’s my game. And I will die defending wildlife and wilderness areas. That's my passion."

Steve was also in heaps of media ads. He joined with the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service to promote Australian customs and make sure people did not bring the wrong things into Australia.
Steve also received the Australian Centenary Medal in 2001. The medal was for Steve’s service to protecting animals and telling people that Australia is a good place to go for a holiday.
On September 4, 2006, Steve was filming at Australia's Great Barrier Reef. He decided to do some filming with a school of stingrays. He was snorkeling in not very deep water when he swam over a big stingray. It got mad and stuck its barb into his chest. His heart was pierced and he died. He was 44 years

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