Swot Analysis Of Dreamworld

The man, the legend, and the back bone behind this excitement, John Longhurst brought 85 hectares of land to build his dream. With a few attractions and a lot of heart, Dreamworld opened to the public on December 15, 1981.1. More than 30 years on, Dreamworld has developed to become the largest, most spine-tingling theme park in Australia (known as the Theme Park capital of Australia). The park provides countless adrenaline filled rides, food outlets, shopping opportunities and events to more than 2 million guests annually. Both domestic and international visitors creating happy memories to last a life time. Communication is increasingly by smart phones and other hand held devices and Australia 's favourite theme park, Dreamworld, recognises …show more content…
Jackie Wood, Dreamworld’s educational officer, explained that the park targets a specific international audience on particular platforms, allowing them to leverage their marketing accordingly. YouTube is used for engaging the China market by displaying videos of their ‘Kung Fu Panda: Land of Awesomeness’. Dreamworld records their Chinese guests mastering their Kung Fu Moves, racing the all-new Skadoosh Bumper cars, meeting Kung Fu Panda, and conquering the Pandomonium. By being selective in platform use and attractions advertised, they can target this audience to visit and capture the exciting, spontaneous, moments of Dreamworld’s happiness. Instagram promotion is aimed at the Indian market with the central focus on Dreamworld’s ‘Big 9’ thrill rides and the Tiger Island experience. They use Instagram to capture guests in the moment, ‘closed eyes, scruffy hair and holding on like their lives depending on it’. Tigers interact with their handlers every day showing off their beautiful nature, allowing the opportunity for up close snaps, again being uploaded within seconds with the latest filters and trending hashtags. Four times a week, Dreamworld uploads to Facebook the most attractive posts whether they be photos, status announcements or freebie offers. One of their best posts was the 2014 seasonal campaign of winter, where guests were offered significantly discounted tickets, attracting an increased intake of guests. Social media platforms play a huge role in allowing the business the opportunity for feedback from visitors. Guests inform Dreamworld of what they love, what they want more of and where the attractions can be

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