Dreamworld 3 Analysis

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In Dreamworld 3, Sut Jhally frequently reiterates that music videos are advertisements and are used as a way to shape cultural understanding about femininity and masculinity. Furthermore, ideas and feelings about these two distinct spheres are gained from the discourse of these images. Jhally says these videos are advertisements because, in reality, that is what they are. Music videos advertise what it means to be the picture perfect image of masculinity or the picture perfect image of femininity. The deconstruction of music videos reveals how these images subliminally advertise gender roles and what it means to be masculine and feminine. “Across the whole range of our media culture, the link between a woman’s identity, her body, and her sexuality …show more content…
These music videos are, "gendered discourses that overtly and subliminally tell us that overtly and subliminally tell us something about female and male bodies, sexual desire, and gender roles" (Lorber 174). Most music videos depict relationships in one of two ways; as something unhealthy and violent, or as something tooth-rottingly sweet. For example, the music video Animals (by Maroon5), paints intimacy, romance, and sex as something that grates on the line of violence. The male describes the intimacy and sex that he had with the woman as something that was wild and rough. The romance between two is one-sided and unhealthy, due to the fact that the male is stalking the woman and she is enabling his behavior (and implied that she is going back to him). The images that the video presents defines the role that females are in within society. “Their function in the video is to be examined, gazed at, and desired by men” (Jhally, Dreamworld 3). The images in the Dreamworld are shockingly similar to the images in reality. In modern times, the new beauty fad is to have a small waist and the biggest butt possible; if you obtain this beauty standard men will flock to you, you will meet millionaire rappers and be associated with people on the Forbes list (look at Kylie Jenner, for example). These popular images that are presented within music videos, affect us as consumers. Many women (and men) pursue the lifestyle (and bodies) that are within these videos; it becomes a lifelong goal for some individuals, and others develop disorders and diseases from pursuing what is presented in these

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